1. Which one is wrong from these following statements?

      a. The reference interval of normal RBC is within the 4.5 to
               6.0×1012 cells/L for males and 4.0 to 5.5×1012/L for females
      b. The complete blood count (CBC) consists of the red blood
               cell count, white blood cell count, platelet count, hemoglobin,
               hematocrit, and white blood cell differential.
      c. Complete blood count/CBC is a screening procedure that is
                helpful to review the overall health status and to diagnose
               medical condition.
      d. Complete blood count used to monitor the effects of drug and
                used to indicate the patient's progress in certain diseases such
                as infection or anemia

  2. What test that used for monitoring an existing inflammatory disease?

      a. ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate)
      b. White blood cell count
      c. Reticulocyte count
      d. Complete blood count test

  3. Which of the following statement is correct?

      a. Whole blood is diluted with normal distilled water in
                measurement of red blood cell count
      b. Capillary blood or EDTA anticoagulant blood is diluted
               with 5% acetic acid solution in measurement of white blood
      c. Whole blood is diluted with 1% ammonium oxalate in the
               measurement of platelet
      d. The measurement of platelet in hemocytometer is in four
               corner squares (4W)

  4. Which one is correct concerning dilution factor of WBC count?

      a. 1:200
      b. 1:100
      c. 1:10

  5. What RBC indices used to determine the average concentration of hemoglobin in RBC?

      a. Hemoglobin
      b. MCV
      c. MCH
      d. MCHC

  6. Which of the following contain inclusion of RNA and can be observe by staining with new methylene blue or supravital stain?
      a. Howell-Jolly bodies
      b. Heinz bodies
      c. Reticulocyte
      d. Polychromacia

  7. Which is wrong regarding blood smear?

      a. choose the ideal area for blood smear examination
      b. Immediately examine the smears after staining
      c. The smear should cover about three-fourths of the slide
      d. Hold the spreader approximate 30o to 40o angle during
               making smear
  8. What is wrong about platelet count?

      a. place the moist cover on to prevents evaporation of the
               fluid in the counting chamber
      b. make a 1:10 dilution of a whole blood with 1% Ammonium
      c. allow 10-15 minutes to let the cell settle down in counting
      d. platelet estimation examine in the oil field

  9. What is the method for hemoglobin determination by sysmex analyzer?

      a. Cyanmethemoglobin method
      b. Light scatter
      c. Impedance
      d. Sodium Lauryl saulfate (SLS)

  10. What is the main principle for coulter analyzer for WBC differential count?

      a. cyanmethemoglobin method
      b. Flow cytometry
      c. VCS (Volume, Conductivity and Scatter)
      d. Sodium Lauryl saulfate (SLS)

  11. What is the main principle of CELL-DYNs analyzer for white blood cell differential count?

      a. optical scatter
      b. multiangle polarized scatter separation (MAPSS)
      c. impedance and VCS (volume, conductivity and scatter)
      d. Direct current (DC) detection

  12. What is the reagent used to stain reticulocyte?

      a. 0.85% new methylene blue
      b. hematoxylin
      c. brilliant cresyl blue
      d. wright giemsa stain