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Department of Clinical Microscopy was founded in 1966. We aim and arrange activities satisfied the faculty's mission. The department strives to accomplish this goal through an efficient education management, aimed research and academic service activities, the development of clinical microscopy strategies, and the education of researchers and practitioners, that serve the health professionals and public.

The department comprises 4 units ; education, research, academic service and secretariat unit. All of performances and activities in each unit will be assessed with educational quality assurance.

Academic activities involve both undergraduate and graduate levels. Department research range from molecular biology to clinical laboratory studies of hematologic and breast cancer diseases. Current research covers a wide range of topics, including clinical hematology, clinical microscopy, medical genetics, applied clinical science, scientific basic research including development laboratory quality which collaborate with the outstanding foreign institutes. Departmental research, whether basic or applied, is relevant to human health. There have been approximately 140 publications since 1987 to 2002. In academic service, The average of service in patients and community service is 80,000 cases per year. Moreover, we have served clinical microscopic laboratory with External Quality Control Scheme since 2000.



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