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          The Doctor of Philosophy Program (Ph.D) in Medical Technology is the international program that emphasizes learning and researching for the innovations. The program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, moral and ethics, critical thinking and analytical capacity essential to find and implement innovative solutions that adds meaningful knowledge to the field of study and lead to sustainable development of the country and better health outcomes. 4 Ph.D (Medical Technology) June 2019 Our Ph.D program in medical technology covers the multi-disciplinary fields of medical technology profession, radiological technology professions, human health, disease treatment, health informatics, advanced technology and other related fields. The program provokes into an active learning process of the students via outcome-based learning, goal oriented activities, problem solving, and individual experience sharing and searching for new information via information technology. Research and publication on the thesis work in an international standard journal are also required for degree graduation.


The Doctor of Philosophy Program
in Medical Technology’s philosophy and distinctive features



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