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Research area


          The faculty focuses on both basic and translational researches to address the important research questions to solve problems identified in various settings. Beside a large number of publications in international journals and patents, research findings and outputs produced by our faculty contribute significantly to novel knowledge building, sciences and technology advancement and improvement of quality of life and well-being.

          Researches conducted at the faculty can be grouped into four major areas below.


Pilot Plant for Diagnostic Devices and Medical Laboratory Supplies

          The faculty is currently in the process of establishing the pilot plant project to produce rapid detection kits for various diseases that remain public health concerns such as leptospirosis, malaria, tuberculosis and cancer. The pilot plan project has been developed with the collaboration between the faculty, the expert in the areas, and private companies.

          Our major aim is to play a part in strengthening Thai biomedical industry and lowering the import of expensive technology and products.



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