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Faculty of Medical Technology visited the community of Klong Yong for a study survey


             On February 8, 2011, the Faculty of Medical Technology had visited the community of Klong Yong, Putthamonthon district, Nakhon Pathom province for a study survey. The visit is part of a project to foster and build the competency and integrative learning ability of undergraduate students studying in the Medical Technology program. Such project is a competency-based modularization course, which serves as a pilot project for the development of community-based medical technology learning approach of the Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University for the academic year of 2010 which was led by Prof. Dr. Virapong Prachayasittikul, academic staffs and students as well as health volunteers of the villages. Such study survey aimed to understand the problems and causes of problems that villagers are facing as well as seeking out answers to address such issues. After the visit, on February 10, 2011, lessons that have been learned from the visit was concluded and conveyed to the students.



















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